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Intermediate School
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Mr. Baldermann
5th Grade ELA, Science,
and Social Studies - Oster-Oakview


In order to access the Science Textbook follow these steps:

1. Sign into PowerSchool using the login sent home (Must be the student login not the parent one)

2. Select Pearson Courses on the left hand side

3. Click on the link under Science. 

Science Academic Vocabulary--Click here to see our vocabulary that we'll be working on this school year. It is divided by trimester. 

Below are the topics that will be discussed this school year. Resources will be added as concepts are being covered in class.

Biome Resources

Click on the links below for information on each of the Biomes that we'll be working on in class. 




Taiga 1

Taiga 2

Tropical Rainforest

Deciduous Forest

Biome Facts for Kids