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Intermediate School
Picture Missing
Mrs. Gurnea
4th Grade - Oster-Oakview

Our Schedule  2018-2019                             

                            Homeroom                            7:35-7:40

                            Math Block 1                         7:40-8:40 

                            Fine Arts  Daily                    

                            Specials  ~ 8:40-9:10
                            Green Days: Music/Art and Science
                            Silver Days:  P.E. and Social Studies

                            Science/SS                            9:10-11:20

                            Recess/Lunch                      11:20-11:55

                            Math                                      11:55-12:30

                            Science/SS                            12:30-1:50

                             Dismissal                              1:50-2:00

Internet Safety

Internet Safety 

Playing on the Internet is fun. Make sure you stay safe. Follow the guidelines below every time you go on the Internet. Remember to also discuss these guidelines with Mom or Dad. The most important safety guideline is to get your parent’s permission every time you visit the Internet.
Internet Safety Guidelines:
1. Always ask your parents before going online.
2. Be polite when talking to people online.
3. Don't give out personal information like your name, address or phone number, or school name on the Internet.
4. Stop right away if you read something that upsets you and tell your parents.
5. Never send pictures to anyone from the Internet without parent permission.
6. Never meet an Internet friend in person without parent permission. 
7. Don't open emails that are upsetting to you and don't open emails from people you don't know.
8. Tell your parents if you are being bullied online or if you see someone else being bullied online.
9. Don't copy other website's work as your own.