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Intermediate School
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Mrs. Gurnea
4th Grade - Oster-Oakview
Your child should be bringing their assignment notebook and portfolio home nightly. 
Please check your child's assignment notebook nightly to assure that your child is completing their assignments and sign it.

Weekly Homework

  • Spelling - Spelling Pre-tests are given on Mondays.  The pretest is used to determine which words your child needs to practice throughout the week.If your child receives a 100% they have completed their spelling test for the week.  Missed words on the pretest are to be written 5 times each and returned on Tuesday. Students are required to complete their practice book in class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If their workbook is not completed by Thursday, it will become homework for Friday. Posttests for spelling are given on the last day of each week. 
  • Reading Log - Reading Logs are passed out in Friday folders. They are due on Fridays.  Your child has to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night and record what they read on their reading log. Reading minutes will also count for your child's "Book It" slips. 
  • Math -  Study Links are part of the Everyday Math curriculum.  They reinforce what was taught that day.  Study Links are due the following day, graded as a whole, and will return in your child's portfolio.  
  • FRIDAY REWARD RECESS - On Friday's, the fourth graders are given an extra reward recess.  This recess is for students who have completed ALL homework throughout the week.  If a student is missing any homework, they will have to miss reward recess to complete that work.