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Mrs. McWilliams
Nurse - Oster-Oakview

About Me...

 Staff PhotoWelcome to my webpage!!  I am Mrs Rebecca McWilliams!  This is my first year as a school nurse in the NLSD 122 district.  I have been a Sub nurse in the district for the past two years.  I have three children and they have all gone through the NLSD 122 district so I know what a great school system this is and am proud to work for such a solid organization!!!  I live in Mokena with my husband of 16 years and my three children.  We have a dog named Gizzy who is the princess of the house!!!  I love spending time with my family.  My kids are very involved in sports, so you may see me around town at a football or baseball game.  (Go Central Knights!!)  I also like to run races, do aggressive workouts, shop, and relax by the pool in the summer!!



Quick Facts...

Years in Nursing:

Nursing since 2000

OB nurse 2000-2005

2006-2012-home to be with kids

2013-present-NLSD 122


I am married and have three children, 2 that are currently in the NLSD 122 district and one that attends LW Central.  

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals:


Sports physicals are required yearly for participation in athletics.

According to Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) bylaw 3.061 for 2013-2014:

No student shall be permitted to compete in a try-out, practice, or game unless such student has filed with the school principal a certificate of physical fitness issued by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner as set forth in the Illinois State Statutes not more than 395 days preceding such tryout, practice, or contest in any athletic activity.


Sports Physical Form




It is essential that parents inform the school nurse of all environmental, medication and food allergies that a student has. Please include the symptoms and severity of symptoms the student experiences with the reaction as well as the treatment required if any. If it is a food allergy we need to know what kind of exposure will result in a reaction; ingestion only or ingestion and contact with the allergen. This information should be updated yearly on the Health Survey.

Any student that has a life-threatening allergy needs to have an Illinois Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan and Treatment Authorization Form on file. This is a form that needs to be completed by the parent and physician and signed by both. The Allergy Action Plan needs to be renewed yearly. The information in the plan will be shared with school personnel that are involved in the education of your child.

Medications ordered may include epinephrine, Benadryl (anti-histamine), and/or a relief inhaler. Medications need to be provided to the school in the original container with the pharmacy label attached. If the medication is over-the-counter it needs to be provided in the original container. Students are allowed to carry epinephrine and inhalers with them during the school day and during school activities, however it is recommended that an additional dose of medication be kept in the school health office. It is essential that the parent and nurse communicate regarding the placement and how emergency medication will be accessed by the student and nurse in the event of an emergency.

 New Lenox School District 122 Food Allergy Procedures can be viewed in the Parent/Student handbook on page 40.

Allergy Emergency Action Plan