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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Errek
6th Grade Math, Science & Social Studies
Spencer Crossing

Welcome to our class website!  



Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!  

I'm so excited to be your teacher this year!  Please check back for our fine arts schedule.  Click HERE to see the fine arts schedule. For my homeroom, blue days are art/music and silver days are PE. 


During the next few weeks, teachers and reading specialists will be completing aimswebPLUS assessments with students. Your child may complete this testing during regularly scheduled Zoom lessons or the teacher may schedule a time to meet with your child during independent work or student support time. The testing should take approximately 5-20 minutes depending on the grade level.  


aimswebPLUS assessments are formative and help our teachers know how to better teach your child. It is more important that your child completes the test to the best of their ability than that they get every answer correct. So that we can get a better understanding of your child’s abilities, please don’t restate directions, provide answers or clues, give indication of a correct or incorrect answer (nod, smile, etc.), or provide feedback to the teacher during the test (since many of the tests are timed). The teacher will provide this feedback to your child as needed and will make sure they feel reassured and successful. We ask that you please not screenshot or copy testing materials as they are copyrighted. 


Tech Help: Parents and students can email tech-help@nlsd122.org for tech support.