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4th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
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DLR Study Guides

Click on the link below for the weekly study guide key.  Students will typically have a DLR quiz on Fridays of each week.  See assignment board for details.  

DLR_skeletons_week_2.pdf Quiz will be on Friday, October 26.  

DLR Skeletons Week 3 Quiz will be on Friday, November 9.  

DLR Test Prep Page 1Page 2 No quiz this week; study guide prepares students for Terra Nova skills.  


DLR Quake Study Guide Test on Friday, March 8

DLR Earthshaker's Bad Day Study Guide Test on Friday, March 15

ReadyGen Study Guides

ReadyGEN_Study_Guide_1A_L9-12_1.pdf Spelling test on 9/28 and vocabulary quiz on 10/1. 

ReadyGEN Study Guide 1A L 13-18 Spelling test on 10/10 and vocabulary quiz on 10/11.  

ReadyGEN Study Guide 1B L 1-3 Spelling test on 10/22 and vocabulary quiz on 10/23.  

ReadyGEN_Study_Guide_1A_L4-8.pdf List 6 spelling test and vocabulary quiz on Tuesday, October 30. 

ReadyGEN Study Guide 1B L9-12 Spelling test on 11/7 and vocabulary quiz on 11/8. 

ReadyGEN Study Guide 1B L13-18 Spelling test on 11/28 and vocabulary quiz on 11/29. 

ReadyGEN Study Guide 2B Spelling test on 1/10 and vocabulary quiz on 1/11. 

ReadyGEN Study Guide 2B L9-15  Spelling tests on 2/6 (contractions) and 2/7 (possessives); vocabulary quiz on 2/8.

ReadyGEN Study Guide 3A Earthquakes L1-6; Spelling test on 2/26 and vocabulary quiz on 2/28

ReadyGEN Study Guide 3A Quake!  L7-12 Spelling test on 3/14; vocabulary quiz 3/19 

ReadyGEN Study Guide 3B Anatomy of a Volcanic Eruption L1-4 Vocabulary quiz on 4/30; Spelling test on 5/1

ReadyGEN Study Guide 3B Anatomy of a Volcanic Eruption L5-8 Vocabulary quiz on 5/10; Spelling test on 5/9. 

ReadyGEN Study Guide 3B A Tsunami Unfolds L12-18 Spelling test on 5/17; vocabulary quiz on 5/21

 Forget your workbooks at school?  Click on the links below to print a copy of our workbook pages at home.

Readers and Writers Journal

Word Analysis Workbook