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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Jevitz
5th Grade Math, Science, and Social Studies
Spencer Crossing




Chapter 5: Interactions in Ecosystems

Chapter 6: Changes in Ecosystems

Chapter 7/8: Earth's Systems

 Chapter 10: Protecting Earth's Resources

Chapter 11: Matter and its Properties

Chapter 13: Forces in Motion

  • Vocabulary Cards

 Chapter 16: Stars and Galaxies

Chapter 17: Earth in Space

Social Studies
Chapter 1: The First Americans
Chapter 2: The Age of Exploration
Chapter 3: Settlements Take Root
Chapter 4: Life in the Colonies
Chapter 5: The American Revolution
Chapter 6: A New Nation
Chapter 7: The Young Nation Grows
Chapter 8: Moving West
Chapter 9: Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Vocabulary