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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Mihalovich
5th Grade Math, Science, and Social Studies
Spencer Crossing

To get to the Everyday Mathematics website:

1. Go to the New Lenox 122 District Website


 2. Go to the Parents and Students link

           3. Go down to Student Technology Portal - CLICK 

           4. Log in SAML with your Student Id and password 

           5. Click on the McGraw Hill App

6. Once in Everyday Math website - click on then book to get to the Lesson for the Day. 

Unit 1: Area and Volume
Unit 2: Whole Number, Place Value and Operations
Unit 3: Fraction Concepts, Addition and Subtraction
Unit 4: Decimal Concepts; Coordinate Grids
Unit 5: Fraction Computation
Unit 6: Investigation and Measurement; Decimal Multiplication and Division
Unit 7: Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; Graphs
Unit 8: Applications of Area, Volume, and Computation