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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Long
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

Dates: September 16-20, 2019

 Upcoming Events: 


 Social Studies:

 -Essential Question: Identify and describe the five themes of geography, Identify Earth's Continents and Oceans, Locate places on a map 

Map Skills:

-Continents and Oceans

-Types of Maps

**Continents and Oceans Quiz: Tuesday, September 24th (Study Guides will be handed out Monday, September 16th) 

IXL Skills-


Essential Question: How do scientist classify animals? and How do animals adapt?

Finish Chapter #1 Lesson #4- How do scientist classify animals

Chapter #1 Lesson #5- How do animals adapt?

IXL Skills: 

ELA: (English Language Arts)

-Spelling Test: Tuesday, Sept. 17th

-Vocab Quiz: Wednesday, Sept. 18th


**Please see the ELA tab for an extra study guide.