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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Long
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

Dates: October 7-18, 2019

 Upcoming Events: 

-TCBY- Due Oct. 9th

-Spencer Crossing Cookbook Fundraiser: Order through Oct. 15th 

 Social Studies:

 -Essential Question: How does geography affect the way that we live?

Chapter #1- Geography of the United States

Lesson #1-Land and Regions in the United States

Lesson #2- Weather and Climate

Lesson #3- Regions and Resources

IXL Skills- H 13-15, I9-10, K1-7


Essential Question: What features help plants make their own food and reproduce?

Chapter #2: What are Plants' characteristics?

Lesson #1- Plant's Characteristics

Lesson #2- Plant Parts 

IXL Skills: L 1-6, M 1-6, N 1-4, P 1-8

ELA: (English Language Arts)

We will be starting our second story..... Mary Anning: The Girl Who Cracked Open the World


**Please see the ELA tab for an extra study guide.