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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baldermann
4th Grade Language Arts - Spencer Crossing
Lesson 1


Pact- A pact is an agreement between people or countries in which they promise to do certain things. 

Queasy- If you feel queasy, you have a sick feeling in your stomach. 

Foisted- If something is foisted at you, it is given to you whether you want it or not. 

Venture- A new venture is a project that is exciting and even risky. 

Annoyed- To be annoyed means to be somewhat angry about something. 

Depriving- If someone is depriving you of something, the person is keeping you from having it. 

Lesson 2

Legendary- someone legendary is especially famous for something he or she did a long time ago. 

Muttered- if you muttered, you said something very quietly because you did not want to be heard. 

Gaped- if you gaped at something, you stared open-mouthed in surprise.

Flinched- if a person flinched, he or she quickly moved away from something dangerous or painful. 

Snickering- snickering at someone is like laughing quietly at them because they did something silly. 

Glared- if you glared at someone, you stared at them in an angry way. 

Stunned- when someone is stunned by something amazing, he or she is shocked and sometimes even speechless. 

Fluke- a fluke is something unusual that happens by accident. 

Lesson 3

Surrender- when you surrender, you stop fighting someone or something. 

Particular- something that is particular is one specific thing of its kind. 

Sparkling- something that is sparkling is shining, clear and bright. 

Clusters- Clusters are small groups of people or things that are close together. 

Sizzles- If something sizzles, it is very hot and makes a hissing sound. 

Stroll- To stroll is to walk in a slow, relaxed way. 

Lesson 4

Averted- If you averted your eyes, you looked away from something instead of looking directly at it. 

Fury- Fury is extremely strong anger.

Interrogation- An interrogation is a long period of intense questioning to get information from someone. 

Stern- Someone who is stern is very serious and strict. 

Accusing- When you look at someone in an accusing way, you are showing that you think he or she has done something wrong. 

Solemnly- When you say something solemnly, you say it in a very serious way. 

Cringed- If you cringed, you moved or flinched slightly because of discomfort or fear. 

Craned- If you craned your neck, you stretched it to let you see or hear something better. 

Lesson 6

responsible - a person who can be trusted to do a job on their own

darted - moved suddenly and quickly in a particular direction

jostling - if people in a crowd are pushing or knocking against you, they are jostling you

swerved - turned suddenly to avoid hitting something

attentive - carefully listening to, or watching something

pounced- jumped on it eagerly in order to take it

contradicting- saything that what someone said is wrong

Lesson 7


reluctant - if someone is reluctant to do something, he or she does not want to do it

rumpled - wrinkled or messy

surge - feeling something suddenly and very strongly

inspecting - looking at something very carefully

taut- stretched or pulled very tightly

untangled - untied knots in it or straightened if it was twisted

resounded - filled with sound

lurked - waited quietly hidden, usually before doing something bad

Lesson 8

slick - if something is slick, it is presented in an attractive way

nimble - moving quickly, lightly, and easily

impressed - to admire someone or something

cease - to stop doing something

exist- a real thing that is present in the world

fierce- angry, violent, or ready to attack

Lesson 9

unique - one of a kind

infest - if animals or insects infest a place, they are there in large numbers and usually cause damage

intervals - repeated over and over with a certain amount of time in between

delicate - something that needs great care so that nothing is broken or hurt

flexible- can bend or be bent easily

bond- a feeling or interest that unites two or more people or groups

inspires - something makes you excited about doing something good

preserve - keep something from being harmed or changed

Lesson 13

treacherous  - dangerous and unpredictable

drudgery - unpleasant, boring work

plunge - rushing into something suddenly

smoldering - something that is burning slowly from the inside without flames

altered- something that has been changed from the original

scoffed- spoken in a critical or mocking manner

skeptically - expressing doubt whether something is true

discourage - believing something isn’t going to turn out the way you had hoped

Lesson 14

hermit - a person who lives alone, often far from a community

fascinated - very interested in something and paid close attention to it

occasionally - happens once in awhile

timid- shy and unsure of himself or herself

peculiar- something very strange and unusual, usually not in a good way
drab- looks dull and lacks color

trembling- shaking slightly

dashed- ran away quickly and suddenly

Lesson 16

tinker - trying to fix or adjust something

hoaxer - someone who tried to trick people

trampled - stepping on something very hard and damaging it

forged- if you forged something together, you did it with great effort and you hope it lasts a long time

perfect- improve something so it is the best it can be

quest- a journey with a specific purpose

barriers- objects or people that keep you from moving ahead