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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baldermann
5th Grade Language Arts - Spencer Crossing

5edc58fa8b39058ec48829c66ea5d2e7.jpg HOMEWORK 

Please see our homework calendar below for daily information.

Homework is expected to be completed and submitted in Google Classroom on time.

If work is incomplete, or missing, students may receive a late slip. Students will return this slip with a parent signature. 

Parents will be contacted if late assignments are excessive. Once a student receives 6 lates, they may be given an academic detention. 

Retake Policy:

 Students are expected to arrange their own retakes with their teacher and follow their individual retake policy. For my classes, students will need a 69% or below in order to do a retake on a test or quiz. Students will need to have the following in order to be allowed to retake a test:

- Completed Retake Contract with parent signature.

 *Please note: Students will NOT be given the same test for a retake.  

Please click below to download our Retake Slip. 

Retake Slip