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5th Grade Reading & Language Arts
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Our reading curriculum is online and very easy to access. Please help your student become a successful reader by reinforcing reading at home. All of our stories are here at your finger tips. Through this link you are able to access the Story Town Textbook, Spelling Workbook, and Grammar Workbook. There are also great links to review reading skills and vocabulary.



Guided Reading 

                               red.png                  blue2.png                   green.png

                             RED                                      BLUE                                 GREEN

With every lesson in Story Town, we will be reading in guided reading groups. There are three different levels in the guided reading: red, blue, and green (links are above). Through the guided reading stories we will be reviewing the reading skill and vocabulary for that lesson. These story events are not tested onIf a student is absent or wants extra practice at home here are the links below for each story.



 Spelling City is a great tool to help review and study for Story Town Spelling. We will be using this in centers. Use this link below to go over spelling words for each lesson. There are games as well as assessments. 




We are using the program IXL to help reinforce our grammar skills. This is a wonderful resource to use at home. It has all of the Common Core Grammar standards. We will be using these in centers to practice the current grammar skills we are learning about. 




Please go on to the Scholastic website to order books.

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