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Spencer Crossing
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Mrs. Engelmann
6th Grade Math and Science - Spencer Crossing

Welcome to Mrs. Engelmann's website!

 From this page you are encouraged to virtually explore our online classroom resources and read up on upcoming events.  Feel free to visit my bio page to learn a little more about me.  

Need to login into powerschool to check grades click the link below:



The process for students to access Pearson content (Digits, My Perspectives, etc.) has changed since last year.  Below are the steps for accessing Pearson content through the student technology portal…

  1. Log into the New Lenox School District website    www.nlsd122.org

  2. Select the “Parents and Students” dropdown menu.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Student Technology Portal.”

  4. To access Pearson content (Digits, My Perspectives), select “Pearson Realize” from the Technology Portal.

  5. Students will use their Google login information to access Pearson.


Password = nlsd+5-digit code (nlsd##### - all lower case)

  1. To access Math/ELA homework, select the red “Classes” and choose the appropriate class.

  2. Homework assignments that have not yet been started will be displayed on the “Not Started” homework tab.  Homework assignments that have already been started but not yet submitted will be displayed on the “In Progress” tab.  Assignments that have been submitted will be found in the “Completed” tab.

  3. To access Math/ELA content and lessons, select the green “Browse” and choose the appropriate class content.

Announcements and Events For March:

March 23-March 26: Act of God Days, do e-learning from home work on days 5-8

March 27: Teacher Institute No school for students

March 30- April 3:  Spring Break No school

April 6 and 7: Act of God Days, do e-learning from home work on day 9 and 10 e-learning days.

Not sure how to log onto e-learning? Follow the directions below.

Go to our NLSD website. Click on Parents and Students

Next click on e-learning (7 tabs down)

Then click on e learning days in the lower left hand corner.  

Follow directions and do activities from the chart. 

Day 1-5 e-learning days:


Day 6-10 e-learning days: 






What we are working on in March:


Topic 11:  Unit rates

IXL skills:  6th grade R skills would be great. 

I have also recommended an IXL skill challenge.  Students can find this challenge on their google classroom.  

Scholastic Jams to support the IXL challenge are also uploaded to their google classroom.

 Science: CH. 15 Forces and motion Gravity Cruisers group work with engineering, testing our models, writing down data and graphing.

We will be headed into CELLS soon

Social Studies:  Greece Chapter 7 working in city states.  Ancient Greece will be continued in Chapter 8.