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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Hence
5th Grade Language Arts,
Science, and Social Studies - Spencer Crossing

Welcome to our classroom’s website.  This website has been designed to help share what is happening in class with our families at home.   There is access to many items that may be needed for class or that have been forgotten for homework.  There are also links to many sites that we visit during the year.  We hope that you get a better understanding of what is happening daily in our classroom!

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Weekly Newsletter

For the week of January 14 - 18

  • Language Arts- 
      • Wordly Wise 8; Assessment on January 17th  
      • Adjectives; Possessive and Indefinite
      • Ready Gen: Students will understand the importance of summarizing and quote accurately from the text.  We will continue to read Road to Freedom.
      • Writing: Opinion Writing: Student will support opinions with evidence from different sources and write from a positive position. 
      • Spanish: Family members, parts of a city, basic questions
  • Science
      • Chapter 11 Vocabulary; Quiz on January 25
      • Chapter 11 Lesson 1; What are properties of matter?
  • Social Studies
      • 13 Colony quiz on January 16th 
      • Chapter 4 Study Guide; Quiz on January 23
      • Chapter 4 Lesson 3
      • Chapter 4 Lesson 4
  • Other Information 
      • Students have information on how to access their Science, Social Studies, and Ready Gen books online.  They are taped to the inside of their Assignment Notebooks.
      • If you are tying to access your Google Drive, please remember to begin by going to the district's webpage.  From there, click on "Parents/Students" and then "Student Technology'.  Finally, click on "Google Apps".  Remember that your user name for Google is ALL CAPS.