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Fourth Grade

Lesson Study Guides for Storytown
  The study guides below contain the key reading, grammar, writing, and spelling concepts; as well as the spelling list and challenge words we will be exploring each week.  Copies of each guide will be sent home on Monday each week, and students will typically have a reading/grammar/spelling test at the end of each week.

Theme 1: Facing Challenges
Lesson 1:  The Hot and Cold Summer
Lesson 2:  Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen
Lesson 3:  Danitra Brown Leaves Town
Lesson 4:  Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain

Lesson 5:  Pedro Puts on a Play

Theme 2: Getting the Job Done
Lesson 6:  On the Banks of Plum Creek
Lesson 7:  Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World
Lesson 8:  Three Little Cyberpigs
Lesson 9:  Weaving a California Tradition
Lesson 10:  Emerald's Eggs

Theme 3: Natural Changes
Lesson 11:  Mimicry and Camouflage
Lesson 12:  Mountains
Lesson 13:  Fire Storm
Lesson 14:  The Stranger
Lesson 15:  The Adventurers

Theme 4: Imagination at Work
Lesson 16:  So You Want to Be an Inventor?
Lesson 17:  Just Like Me
Lesson 18:  Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life
Lesson 19:  Juan Verdades:  The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie
Lesson 20:  The Case of the Too-Hot Apple Cider

Theme 5: A New Home
Lesson 21:  Because of Winn-Dixie
Lesson 22:  My Diary From Here to There
Lesson 23:  The Cricket in Times Square
Lesson 24:  Mangrove Wilderness
Lesson 25:  Welcome to Chinatown!

Theme 6: Exploring Our World
Lesson 26:  Dragons and Dinosaurs
Lesson 27:  Grand Canyon:  A Trail Through Time
Lesson 28:  The Bunyans
Lesson 29:  John Muir and Stickeen:  An Icy Adventure With a No-Good Dog
Lesson 30:  Discovering the Atocha
Fifth Grade

5th Grade Reading

Story Town Online - eBook - Listen to the stories read to you.

Story Town Online - All reading resources are here.
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Resources by Theme 

Theme 1: Finding a Way
Character's Motives
Similarities and Differences in Characters- Determine what makes characters alike

Theme 2: Common Goals

    • Sequencing Fun - Many to select from

  • Dr. Stripp - Reading Ring - Put the comic strips in sequence, then answer questions about the comic strip

Theme 3: Go with the Flow
Compare and Contrast

Theme 4 Dare to Be Great

Making Inferences/Drawing Conclusions


Theme 5- Making a Difference

Morse Code Translator: Lesson 19
Author's Purpose


Literary Devices (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)



Theme 6- Feats of Daring 

Summarize and Paraphrase (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)



Fact and Opinion (Reading Rocket and Test Tutor from Harcourt)