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4th Grade - Spencer Crossing


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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Place Value: Multidigit Addition and Subtraction

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Math Boxes      Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13

Home Link        Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Multidigit Multiplication
Math Boxes      Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13
Home Links      Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13
  • 4-1 Extended Multiplication Facts
  • 4-2 Making Reasonable Estimates for Products
  • 4-3 Partitioning Rectangles
  • 4-4 Converting Liquid Measures
  • 4-5 Walking Away with a Million Dollars
  • 4-6 Introducing Partial-Products Multiplication
  • 4-7 Metric Units of Mass
  • 4-8 Money Number Stories
  • 4-9 Partial-Products Multiplication
  • 4-10 Multiplication Wrestling
  • 4-11 Area Models for Rectangles and Rectilinear Figures
  • 4-12 Multistep Multiplication Number Stories
  • 4-13 Lattice Multiplication
Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Fractions and Mixed -Numbers
Math Boxes:    Lessons 1-6      Lessons 7-14
Home Links:    Lessons 1-6       Lessons 7-14  
Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Multiplication of a Fraction by a Whole Number; Measurement

Math Boxes:   Lessons 1-6    Lessons 7-14

Home Links:     Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13


Visit IXL  https://www.ixl.com/signin/nlsd and practice important math skills.
Login: 122firstlastname@nlsd
Password:  nlsd5digitnumber

Trimester 1 Resources


Addition Review
Subtraction Review
Line Segments, Lines and Rays


Place Value- A1, A2          Prime & Composite A5
Rounding A6                    Geometry P30
Addition  B1, B3               Subtraction  C1, C3
Multiples  D3                     Classifying Triangles P2, P3, P8
Line of Symmetry P29      Fractions Q1, Q3
Tenths and Hundredths  U2, U4

Websites with Games

Mr. Nussbaum

Math Games

Trimester 2 Resources


Multiplication Song
Partial Products
Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
Fractions #2

Multi-step word problems F4, F5
Fractions R6, R1, R2, R9, R10
Decimals V1, V2, V3

 Websites with Games

Math Games

 Mr. Nussbaum

Trimester 3 Resources


Measuring Angles


Measuring Angles P13, P14, P15 
Fraction Number Stories R9
Division Number Stories and Review E13, E16, E24
Fractions T2, T3, T6, T9
Decimals V3, V4

Websites with Games

Math Games

Mr. Nussbaum