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4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

Social Studies

Regions of our Country


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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Government in the United States

Essential Question: What is Special about American Government? 

Vocabulary Lesson 1: republic, citizen, democracy, sovereignty, self-evident, unalienable, liberty
Vocabulary Lesson 2: legislative branch, executive branch, judicial branch, checks and balances
Vocabulary Lesson 3: jury, candidate, patriotism, symbol, petition 

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Regions: The Northeast

Essential Question: How does where we live affect who we are?

Vocabulary Lesson 1: lighthouse, peninsula, sound, glacier
Vocabulary Lesson 2: mineral, quarry, overfishing, bog, tourist
Vocabulary Lesson 3: sachem, wet, suffrage
Vocabulary Lesson 4: steamboat, patent, sweatshop, labor union
Vocabulary Lesson 5: commerce, rural, urban, population, density

Tour the Northeast

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Midwest

Essential Question: How does where we live affect who we are?

Vocabulary Lesson 1: Great Plains, prairie, Central Plains, blizzard, tornado, Badlands
Vocabulary Lesson 2: nutrient, arable, crop rotation
Vocabulary Lesson 3: nomad, missionary, trading post, Northwest Ordinance, plow
Vocabulary Lesson 4: junction, hub, interstate highway 

Tour the Midwest

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Southwest

Essential Question: How does where we live affect who we are?

Vocabulary Lesson 1: erosion, natural gas, refinery
Vocabulary Lesson 2: arid, semiarid, air mass, savanna
Vocabulary Lesson 3: cliff dwelling, pueblo, mission
Vocabulary Lesson 4: annex, meat-packing, ranch, homestead, gusher, metropolitan area
Vocabulary Lesson 5: reservoir, aqueduct, drought, gray water

Tour the Southwest

Chapter 9

Regions: The West

Essential Question: How does where we live affect who we are?

Vocabulary Lesson 1: volcano, geyser, magma, tsunami
Vocabulary Lesson 2: tundra, rain shadow, nocturnal
Vocabulary Lesson 3: reforest, Central Valley, canal, vineyard
Vocabulary Lesson 4: totem pole, ranch, gold rush, boomtown
Vocabulary Lesson 5: silicon, Pacific Rim, international trade