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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

Crossing Chronicles

Week of MARCH 20th-25th


Upcoming Events:

April 4th - Institute Day (due to election)

April 10th - Civil War Presentation

April 13th - Growing Up

Math: This weeks topics

Chapter 7 - Multiplication of Fractions 

To continue practicing you can watch the Big Seven video on You Tube to show you how we are doing long division if you would like

  • 7-8 Division Measurement Number Stories
  • 7-9 Generating & Identifying Patterns
  • 7-10 Solving Multistep Fraction Number Stories
  • 7-11 Weights of State Birds
  • 7-12 Decimal Number Stories

April Birthdays

Robert Mcintosh - 8th

Chris Mullins - 18th

Kylie Trautvetter - 19th 



Chapter 11, 12 :  Matter; Solid, Liquid, Gas and How does Heat Move?  
  • Students will explore the properties of density 
  • Students will build upon background knowledge of solids, liquids, and gases
  • Students will explore heat and how it moves. 

Social Studies:

Chapter 7 the Southwest

Lesson 1 In the Heart of the Nation 

Word Sort - Poster