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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

 April 6th-10th

Weekly Updates:

New E-Learning lessons have been posted and will start on Wednesday the 8th.  I am here to answer any questions for you.  If you have a question about a specific subject, please contact that specific teacher so your question can be answered correctly.

Class Codes for my classes-

Block 1 Science- gdp554o   Social Studies- aywbuv 

Block 2 Math- vmrjzq2

Block 3 Science zuu53x4  Social Studies- lr33dyx

Block 4 Science ivwxma   Social Studies fajzcbon

Homeroom kizev6g

E-Learning Information- Days 6-10.    

 Check out the study guides in Google Classroom fo Science and Social Studies

April Birthdays-


Vocabulary words for the quiz are found in Google Classroom Science if you need a copy.

Chapter 9 
Lesson 1: How does Earth's surface wear away?
Lesson 2: How do weathered materials move?
Lesson 3:  How can Earth's surface change rapidly?


Safe Websites

National Geographic

Social Studies

Southeast States and Capitals- Study guide on Google Classroom.
Southeast States and Capitals Flash Cards are on Google Classroom

Chapter 6 the Southeast
Lesson 1: Land and Water of the Southeast
Lesson 2: Climate of the Southeast 
Lesson 3: A Land of Many Resources 
Lesson 4: Settling the Southeast
Lesson 5: Southern Life 


Chapter 7


Math Boxes:   Lessons 1-6    Lessons 7-14

Home Links:     Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13 

 IXL- Q14, Q.   Any R skill- Adding and Subtracting unlike denominators

Fifth Grade- M- Multiplying Fractions,  L- Adding and Subtracting Fractions 

Everyday Math Website Username is 122firstlastname.  Password is nlsd5digitnumber

Reflex Math- Click here to practice

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