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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

Weekly Newsletter

Week of- April 16th-20th

April  Birthdays:

3rd- Hailey Coennen 


Upcoming Events:

Brainstormers- An in-school assembly on the writing process and publishing stories.

Shrek field trip permission slips were sent home, they are due by the 27th.

Safe Websites to use for image searches 



 Click here for links and username/password instruction 


We have finished the Human Body and have started Matter, Particles, Heat and Energy.  This will be a combination of chapters and students will be taking notes in their spirals along with experiments in class.  For those that have not finished their human body assessment, it will be due by Friday.


 Social Studies Chapter 8 The West

Finishing up our Chinook paragraph, continuing with the history of the west.

States and Capitals of the West- Test to be determined.

States and Capitals


Math:  Chapter 7

Lesson:  7-12   Objective:  Decimal Number Stories

Lesson:  7-13   Objective:  Displaying Insect Data

Test is Thursday

Partial Quotient helpful video

Our Main focus will be traditional multiplication

Just a reminder, you can access math boxes and home links by going to the math section of my website.  Click on the chapter we are on.  From there click on what you need.  It should print.  You can also go to the EDM website listed on my webpage.

 Helpful Math Websites-Click on the words below to go to the website.