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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

 November 18th-22nd

Weekly Updates:

 November Birthdays: 
Benjamin Pelowski- 1st
Ava Ryder- 8th
Benjamin Guzman- 9th 

Friday 22nd - Report cards go home

November 22nd 1/2 Day

Conferences 25th & 26th

*** We will be collecting the following items for NAWS.  It's a competition, so let's see what we can do. :)  Below is what we are collecting.


paper towels
canned dog food
canned cat food
dog/cat toys

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Block 1  Science/Social Studies click here.  Code rmd.at/dhc2ebe
Block 2 Math click here.  Code rmd.at/72f3gd
Block 3 Science/Social Studies click here.  Code rmd.at/fg8h3d
Block 4 Science/Social Studies click here Code rmd.at/kbg3kb

Chapter 5 The Body
Vocabulary Quiz- Wednesday this week
Bone Quiz- Thursday this week

Lesson 1: What are the skeletal and muscular system?
Lesson 2: What are the respiratory and circulatory system?
Lesson 3: What are the digestive and nervous systems?

Body Vocabulary Study Guide
Bone quiz blank study guide
Bone quiz study guide with answers. 

IXL-  L3 & L4


Safe Websites

National Geographic

Social Studies

Chapter 5 The Northeast

Lesson 1: The Land of the Northeast
Lesson 2:Resources of the Northeast
Lesson 3: Birthplace of the Nation
Lesson 4:  Growth and Change in the NE
Lesson 5:  The Northeast Today


IXL NE States and Capital Practice- H10, H11, H12

This quiz will be after Thanksgiving.  Students have not yet received this information.

Blank copy of the NE states and capital study guide map
NE states and capital map with answers
Northeast Flashcards-Practice


Math Chapter 4

4-1 Calculate fact extension for multiplication
4-2 Solve multistep number stories
4-3 Partition rectangles to solve multiplication problems
4-4 Convert whole numbers of liters to milliliters
4-5- Multiply multi-digit numbers
4-6 Apply partial-products  multiplication to solve problems
4-7  convert whole numbers ot kilograms to grams
4-8 Use a multiplication strategy to find the cost of buying multiple items
4-9 Partial Product multiplication
4-10 Decompose 2 digit numbers into tens and ones
4-11 Fine the area of rectilinear figures using a formula
4-12 Write number models for multistep multiplication number stores
4-13 Apply lattice method for multiplication

** Our class focus will be traditional multiplication, but I will expose students to the different EDM strategies.

* Students finished their budgets for a $50 weekend grocery list along with their cupcake recipes.  They needed to triple a recipe and add unlike denominators.  I have offered to help with this skill.

IXL- F13, F14, F15, A21, D31

Everyday Math Website Username is 122firstlastname.  Password is nlsd5digitnumber
Reflex Math- Click here to practice

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