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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

September 23rd-27th

Weekly Updates:


Board Game Club notes were given out last week along with Math Club.  Both clubs will go as a lottery if needed.  Students will know by the 26th if they have been allowed a slot for this club.

If you have not joined Remind for important updates please do so.

Block 1  Science/Social Studies click here.  Code rmd.at/dhc2ebe

Block 2 Math click here.  Code rmd.at/72f3gd

Block 3 Science/Social Studies click here.  Code rmd.at/fg8h3d

Block 4 Science/Social Studies click here Code rmd.at/kbg3kb

September Birthdays: None


We will finish our Animal Classification assessment on Monday.  We will review how they adapt, and then we will begin that assessment.  I am working on this with the students showing them how to follow a rubric.  

We have finished studying animals on how they are classified and how they adapt.  Students are writing a paragraph about a specific animal of their choice and how it adapts to the environment.  We will begin how plants are classified on Thursday.

Chapter- 1 
Lesson 3 How are plants classified?
Lesson 4 How are animals classified
Lesson 5 How do animals adapt?

IXL-  Plants: M 1-5,  Adaptations: N 1-4,  Cells: P 1-8


Safe Websites

National Geographic

Social Studies Chapter 1- Finishing up these lessons this week.

Lesson 3- Regions and Resources
Lesson 4- People and the Land

IXL- Maps F 1-3, Oceans and continents G 1-3

Practice the Regions States and Capitals


Math Chapter 2

2-1 Square Number Patterns

2-2 Area Formula for Rectangles
2-3 Factors and Factor Pairs
2-4 Multiples
2-5 Prime and Composite
2-6 Little Big

IXL- 5th Grade- A2, A8, B1, B2, B8

Everyday Math Website Username is 122firstlastname.  Password is nlsd5digitnumber
Reflex Math- Click here to practice

Know you facts? Try these--

Code.org -Code GVPJHF