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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

 January 27th-31st

Weekly Updates:
STEAM Night- Thursday from 5:30-7:30.  Come for hands on science fun.

January Birthdays

Ms. Z 12th
Ethan Altobello- 18th
Avery Bauer- 26th

As of January 1st, our district will be participating in E-Learning in case there is a school cancelation. You can press here to access the district lessons.  These will be assigned only if there is a snow/weather cancelation.

Yearbook order forms have been send out.  They are due back on the 24th.

6 Flags Reading logs were also sent home.  These are done on line this year.  They need to be completed by March 20th.


Students are finishing up their human body assessments.  They've done a great job on this.

Chapter 8 Rocks and Minerals
Lesson 2- How are Sedimentary rocks formed?
Lesson 3- What are igneous and metamorphic rocks?IXL-  L3 & L4


Safe Websites

National Geographic

Social Studies

Great job on the chapter 5 test!!

Chapter 3 The Government
Lesson 1- The Principals of our Government
Lesson 2- How our Government Works
Lesson 3- Our Rights and Responsibilities




Math Chapter 5

We will finish Chapter 4 this week.  When we get back we will review and test. Test will be Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Unit 5  Fraction and Mixed Number Computation Measurement
     5.1  Fraction Decomposition                   Video
     5.2  The Whole For Fractions                  Video
     5.3  Adding Fractions                              Video
     5.4  Adding Mixed Numbers                    Video
     5.5  Adding Tenths and Hundredths
     5.6  Queen Arlene's Dilemma
     5.7  Subtracting Fractions                        Video
     5.8  Subtracting Mixed Numbers
     5.9  Line Plots 1/2 and 1/4 Units
   5.10 Rotations and Iterating Fractions
     5.11 Unit Iteration For Fractions
     5.12 Creating Symmetric Figures
   5.13 More-Multistep Multiplication Number Stories

** Our class focus will be traditional multiplication, but I will expose students to the different EDM strategies.

IXL- Q14, Q.   Any R skill- Adding and Subtracting unlike denominators
Fifth Grade- M- Multiplying Fractions,  L- Adding and Subtracting Fractions 

Everyday Math Website Username is 122firstlastname.  Password is nlsd5digitnumber

Reflex Math- Click here to practice

Know you facts? Try these--

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