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Spencer Crossing
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

Weekly Newsletter

Week of- May 14th- June 1st

May Birthdays

 Ellie McLaughlin - 5/20

Lucas Knezz- 5/23

David Schultz- 5/24

Upcoming Events:

5-18 Talent Show 

5-23 One day book fair 

5-25 Awards Assembly  12:30

5-29 No School Institute Day

5-31 Yearbook Signing

6-1 1/2 Day, Last day of school


This will be my last entry for the year.  Thank you so much for an amazing year, your children are wonderful.

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Chapter 15

Kinetic and Potential Energy- We will be making roller coasters in class to show motion

Skimmers- Building air boats that go the farthest distance and complete turns.

 Social Studies 

We are finishing up with our Illinois unit

States and Capitals

Practice the Regions States and Capitals- Pick your Region


Math:  Chapter 8

Pet Food 

Large Breed Puppy

Small Breed Puppy


We are finishing up this chapter and our test will be on Thursday.  Students will finish the year working on solving logic problems and building items to save Sir Harley Houndstooth.

 Just a reminder, you can access math boxes and home links by going to the math section of my website.  Click on the chapter we are on.  From there click on what you need.  It should print.  You can also go to the EDM website listed on my webpage.

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