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Spencer Crossing
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Mrs. Baumgard
4th Grade - Spencer Crossing

Weekly Newsletter

August 19th-30th


 Upcoming Events:

 August 20th Walk Through- Bring your supplies and meet your teachers

August 21st- First Day- Time to wake up Early Cool

Units  that I will be starting with.



 Safe Websites to use for image searches 



Social Studies   

IXL Practice for States and Capitals

West- H1, H2, H3, I1, I2

The Southwest States and Capitals quiz will be Tuesday the 21st.

 IXL Social Studies Practice-  H11, H12, A1-A6 

States and Capitals

Practice the Regions States and Capitals- Pick your Region

Math:- Please Practice IXL Diagnostic at home

Chapter 8





Partial Quotient Division Video

 If you have passed out of Reflex then you may be asked to join Code.org. Below is the information you will need.

Section Code: TWBJBR

Additional Practice


IXL 4th Grade- P11-P17- Fractions, R1-R11, Q1-Q11, T8-T14**

  Just a reminder, you can access math boxes and home links by going to the math section of my website.  Click on the chapter we are on.  From there click on what you need.  It should print.  You can also go to the EDM website listed on my webpage.

 Helpful Math Websites-Click on the words below to go to the website.

Everyday Math website.  

Username is 122firstlastname.  Password is nlsd5digitnumber.
Reflex Math- Click here to practice
Know your facts?  Try the others:

Helpful Math Videos for this chapter