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Spencer Pointe
Elementary School

Great News . . . 

All lunch orders will now be placed electronically.  Below please find the link to order lunch for May 24th - May 28th. 
To access a full menu please visit https://www.fdmealplanner.com/, type in Spencer Pointe, and choose the Lunch Menu for May.  
To order your student's lunch, go to:
  • https://forms.gle/JaMJBECq56BgySQa7 and follow the form instructions 
  • Lunch orders for 5/24 - 5/28 are due before 12 noon on Monday, May 17th (orders will not be accepted after noon)
  • A lunch order must be completed for each student who wants to order a lunch
To view the nutritional information, go to https://www.fdmealplanner.com/, type in your student's school and choose the lunch menu for May, then click on the item from the main menu.  
To view the Ingredients list, click on Build a Meal, scroll through the date to find the Entree you are looking for, then click on the entree and an ingredient list will appear. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 815-462-7988.