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Spencer Pointe
Elementary School

Principal’s Message

Another year is coming to an end already.  It seems like we were just putting last minute touches on bulletin boards and preparing for student’s arrival on the buses.  Next week we will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week.  As I walk through the halls each day, I see wonderful staff members that love the children in their class and care about their growth academically and socially.  I am so appreciative of all the time and creativity that each of them put into offering the best program possible for each learner.  I have seen them come together as a staff to achieve goals that we put in place to help each child find success at Spencer Pointe.  I feel that we are a strong school community in large part because of their dedication and professionalism.  They go above and beyond in everything that they do.  Please join me in celebrating a phenomenal staff.   If you have a chance, please send them a quick note to let them know they are appreciated.  It is very easy to contact when something goes wrong, please always remember to pause at a time when things are right and thank people for what they do.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each of our families for all that they have offered to Spencer Pointe this year.  If you have volunteered, offered donations, attended conferences or meetings or simply supported your child in their school work, we thank you.  The community environment that we have at Spencer Pointe would not be possible without your ongoing and continued support.  To our 3rd graders - please continue to do your best and be the great citizens that we know.  We are proud of all that you have done at Spencer Pointe and wish you a lot of success.  We look forward to seeing our 2nd and 1st graders back here in August.  I am sure that you will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of your 2019-2020 class placement in early August!

Hopefully we have taught your child more than reading, writing and mathematics this year.  Our goal is to create great citizens that care about the world that we live in and the people that live in it with us.

Have a wonderful summer and take the time to enjoy your family.