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Spencer Pointe
Elementary School

Principal’s Message:

Dear Spencer Pointe Families, 

It is hard to believe that another school year is already starting.   

We are so excited that all ran smoothly as we began this year.  Thank you for your patience, as we know that our buses ran a little behind schedule in the beginning.  It’s a long walk and it takes everyone a little bit of time to remember which bus they are on and where it is parked.  Most importantly, all of our children have been delivered to and from school safely!  We have made improvements on how long it takes us to dismiss already so that is good news!  

It truly is an honor for all of us to be at Spencer Pointe this year.  We take our jobs very seriously and know that you are entrusting us with your most precious gifts.  The children have done a phenomenal job transitioning back to “school mode.”   

I have had the chance to visit the classrooms and Pointe is such a great place!  Children are engaged in activities.  Teachers and staff are working together and students are learning new things daily.  It is fun to see all the excitement in their faces. 

I had the opportunity to meet with each grade level and introduce our expectations.  The children all found that we have established rules that they feel were fair and attainable.  We discussed that rules are in place to keep people safe and we are all responsible for respecting our building, each other and our learning environment.  We continue to remind the students that they are making choices and they are responsible citizens that we know can make good choices. 

Our staff is looking forward to another great year of collaboration between home and school.  Let’s have a great year!