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Mrs. Gibson
Physical Education - Spencer Pointe

What is the Wall of Fame? Students that have accomplished something great during a sports season, participated in exercises at home, or performed in a dance recital can post a picture and a brief description of their "accomplishment" on Mrs. Gibson's Wall of Fame. 

How do I get on the Wall of Fame? You must participate in some type of physical activity during the school year. Summer months or previous school years do not count. Talk to Mrs. Gibson about what you accomplished at your sports game, while exercising at home, or while performing and Mrs. Gibson will give you a sheet. 

 If you would like to see some examples, please click on the box below. Smile


Examples from the past Wall of Fame participants:

1. Soccer team won first place (posted picture with trophy)

2. Moved up a swim level (posted picture with swim level card)

3. 5 mile bike ride with family (posted picture biking)

4.  Hit a home run (posted picture at bat)

5. Got their cartwheel (posted picture doing their cartwheel)

6. First dance performance for a crowd (posted picture of dance recital)

7. Participated in a session of kids cross-fit (posted picture at cross-fit)

8. 3rd place at cheer competition  (posted picture with cheer trophy)