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Spencer Pointe
Elementary School
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Miss Brenczewski
1st Grade - Spencer Pointe


The students will have snack every day in the afternoon.  It will be around 2:30.  They will also be able to have a milk (if you signed up for snack milk) daily during snack.  The students are allowed to have a water bottle in class and will be able to refill that bottle throughout the day.  Please make sure it is only water.  



The students will receive a packet on Monday.  The packet has a sheet for them to do a night.  I will leave it up to you as parents how you want to finish the homework.  Please just send back when finished or by Friday of that week.  The story on the bottom of Monday can be found on the Storytown website.  It is found in the Decodable Book section.  

Everyday Math 

Your child will receive a Home Link close to every night.  These home links will coincide with the skill that the students were taught that day.  Please review with your child and try to send back in the next day.  

Please make sure to read 10-15 minutes with your child a night.  

Weekly Routines

Storytown Homework Packet will come home on Monday.

Math Home Links will be sent home as we finish a lesson. 

Your children will be bringing home 2 folders nightly.  One folder will be labeled Take Home Folder.  The other folder will be labeled Homework.  Inside the Homework Folder will have a label Math and Storytown.  Please return homework in the Bring Back to School section of the Take Home Folder when finished.

Once a week we will go to Computer Lab and Library.  On Wednesday afternoon we will go to Computer Lab.  Every Thursday we will go to Library.   

On Green days we will go to Gym.  On Silver Days we will go to Art/Music.  

Star Student

Star Student 

Every week we will have a different student on our Star Student Board.   I will send home a letter the Wednesday before it is your child's turn.  The letter will explain exactly what you need for each day.  There will also be a poster to fill out that I will display throughout the year.  This will all come in a reusable bag.  Please send in all items on Monday in the designated bag.   There are days we don't get to the assigned activity but I promise we will get to it all by Friday.  Here is a sneak peek/reminder of what the children will show each day. 

Monday- The poster will be hung and all items displayed for classmates to see.  

Tuesday- Your child/Miss Brenczewski will read their favorite story. 

Wednesday-  Your child will discuss something they "shine" at.  

Thursday- Miss Brenczewski will read a letter written by the family members of the student. 

Friday- Your child will talk about the poster they brought in and any extra items that best describes your child. 

The Poster will stay throughout the year, however all other items will be sent home on Friday afternoon.  


Storytown (Reading)

Everyday Math (Math)

Raz-Kids (Reading)

X-tra Math (Math)

Pebble Go (Science/SS)

IXL (Math)