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Spencer Pointe
Elementary School
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Mrs. Kinney
3rd Grade - Spencer Pointe


3rd Grade Curriculum

Social Studies – Our social studies program publisher is Pearson. The My World social studies program addresses the Common Core standards for English Language Arts. Some topics we study are: communities in the United States, civic ideals and practices, the beginning of our country, continuity and change, and global connections.

Science -  We are addressing the NGSS (New Generation Science Standards).  We will learn about the following topics:  motion and stability, from molecules to organisms, Ecosystems, heredity, biological evolution, Earth’s systems, Earth and human activity, and engineering design.

Handwriting – In the classroom we will practice the letters, analyze strokes, and practice alignment. By the end of the second trimester, the students will be writing in cursive.

Reading – Your student will be assigned a reading level. We will be reading from our district reading series, short stories, and chapter books. Your child will be learning and reinforcing phonics skills, decoding, vocabulary, language, comprehension, referencing, and study skills.

Math – Our math program is Everyday Math 4. PLEASE review addition and subtraction facts.  These facts need to be automatic.

Writing – We will be focusing on expository, persuasive, and narrative paragraph writing. We will also be comparing/contrasting. The students will be answering comprehension questions in complete sentences.