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Spencer Pointe
Elementary School
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Mrs. White
3rd Grade - Spencer Pointe

Classroom Procedures

Here you will find helpful information about our classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


***Please click HERE for our remote learning classroom procedures.***


As we get into our routine, you should see schoolwork papers come home in their CAMP binders throughout the week. Please click HERE to access the grading system for our classroom. 


Spelling homework will come home every Friday. Students need to practice their spelling words each week.  Please use the Refrigerator Copy and weekly newsletter as a reference for our weekly skills, spelling words, and stories that we will be working on that week. Spelling tests will be given most Fridays.

Math Homelinks will come home almost every night (Monday-Thursday). Math Homelinks should be a 5-10 minute review of the skills we have learned and practiced in class. Homelinks should be turned in the following day. If you have any questions about what the answer should be, please reference the Unit Family Letter that comes home at the beginning of each unit. The answers to the Homelinks can be found on the last page.

Classroom Management:

In our classroom, we use a clip chart system. All students have the opportunity to move up the clip chart for making great choices and can also move down the clip chart for making choices that do not follow our school and classroom rules. Please click HERE for more details on our clip chart system.

Mystery Readers:

In our classroom, we have mystery readers!!! A mystery reader is a surprise guest who comes to share their favorite story with our class. A mystery reader can be a family member or friend. For more information on mystery readers, please click HERE.

Birthday Treats and Parties:

District Policy does not allow treats to be sent to school for a child's birthday. In lieu of this, we sign a birthday poster and sing to each student on their special day.

There is also a policy regarding invitations to an individual child's party. If the invitations are to be delivered at school, invitations must be issued to all children in the class, or all the boys or all the girls depending on the issuer. This alleviates any hurt feelings!

Thanks for your help with this matter!

Parent Resources:

Below you will find links with strategies to use to help your child with reading at home.