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3rd Grade - Spencer Pointe

Upcoming Events

This week we will have library on Wednesday, May 15th. This will be the last day to check out books.

Spelling Bee information came home the week of May 6th. A list of ReadyGen words that will used in the Spelling Bee came home with that information. Our classroom Spelling Bee will be held the week of May 20th. All 3rd Grade Spelling Bee finalists and alternates will come home with more information about the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee on Friday, May 24th.

School Supply Order Forms came home on March 20th. If you would like to order a school supply kit for your child, please return the form and payment to school by June 7th. You can also order online at www.schooltoolbox.com until June 14th.

If you would like to order scholastic books our code is: GPVG9

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To access the ReadyGen book online please log in to your child's Powerschool account.


TEST May 17th

Unit 3 Module B Lesson 11-15 Spelling Words

Spell and use correctly in daily writing.


  1. to
  2. too
  3. two
  4. week
  5. weak
  6. road
  7. rode
  8. stair
  9. stare
  10. bear
  11. bare
  12. write
  13. right
  14. new
  15. knew

Only sign into Google Classroom if it's in students assignment notebook!

Students can log into our Google Classroom from home.

Each student has an email account.

firstnamelastname@students.nlsd122.org (lower case)

Second login screen:


nlsd###### (lowercase and school number)



Kenna (Peanut) 5/3

Ava (Goofy) 5/23

Reading: Unit 3: Module A

READING: Our weekly stories will be “Living Through a Natural Disaster.” Skills we will be working on are cause and effect and making connections. 

PHONICS: This week we will be working on homophones (to, two, too, write, right).

WRITING: We will be writing about our favorite memories from third grade.

MATH: We will finish Unit 9: Multidigit Operations. We will also continue to work on double digit by single digit multiplication as well as practice double digit by double digit multiplication to get ready for fourth grade!

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue Unit 6: A Growing Nation. We will learn about our country’s history of newer ways to travel, immigration, and expansion to the west.