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Social Studies  ani-wrld.gif Our social studies program publisher is Pearson. The My World social studies program addresses the Common Core standards for English Language Arts. Some topics we study are: communities in the United States, civic ideals and practices, the beginning of our country, continuity and change, and global connections.



                             (click the image above for "Tour The States" song)
    Place the State Game 
Penguin States and Capitals Game

Chapter One: Our Communities
Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.7,  3.W.6 

Vocabulary: community, location, natural resource, region, mineral, diverse, culture, cardinal directions, intermediate directions, symbol, relative location, absolute location, hemispheres,  rural, urban, suburban 

Communities Tutorial
Adventure Island
Directions game
Uncle Sam's Farm
Follow the Bear
Learn Geography
 Find the continents and Oceans
Types of Communities
Brain Pop Communities

Chapter Two: Our Environment
Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.8,  3.W.6

Vocabulary:  continents, landform, mine, adobe,  weather, climate, elevation, vegetation, ecosystem, agricultural region, industrial region, renewable resource, nonrenewable resource, conserve, erosion, recycle,  adapt, modify, irrigate, 

U.S. Landform Map
Find the Continents
Landform Definitions

Chapter Three: Communities Build a Nation
Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.3,  3.W.6 

Vocabulary: customs, longhouses, confederacy, cooperated, reservations, government, tradition, explorer, route,  legend, fort, colony, colonize, mission, citizen, expedition, territory,  drought, debt, interpreter, Quaker, pilgrim,  tax, protest, legislature, patriot, independence, revolution, constitution

Native American map
Mr. Nussbaum's Explorer Profiles
Explorer Interactive map
Ben Franklin True/False
Play Checkers with Ben Franklin


Chapter Four:  U.S. Government
Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.2,  3.W.6

Vocabulary:  democracy, represent, liberty,  legislative, executive, judicial, Congress, representative, bill, veto, Cabinet,  mayor, council, governor, census

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government
Three Branches Game/Sort
Branch Mania

Flocabulary~ branches of Government

Watch this 
Time for Kids video explaining the 3 branches of government.


Click here to watch the Schoolhouse Rock on the 3 branches of government.


Go to Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government.


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Chapter Five: Citizenship
Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.6,  3.W.6 

Vocabulary: deed, amendments, volunteer, convention, suffrage, civil rights, segregated, delegate, cause, union, motto, strike, boycott

Chapter Six:  A Growing Nation
Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.3,  3.W.6 

Vocabulary: canal, wagon train, transcontinental, toll, immigrants, frontier, homestead, gold rush,  communicate, invention, patent, telegraph, technology, equal rights, assembly line, vaccine, activist

Tour Ellis Island

Chapter Seven:  Working in Our Communities
Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.2,  3.W.6

Vocabulary: needs, wants, scarcity, abundance, opportunity, cost, value, goods, service, producer, consumers, human resource, capital resource, profit,  trade, barter, supply, demand, free market, import, export,  credit, credit card, savings, bank, interest, deposit, loan, budget,  specialization, division of labor, interdependence

Chapter Eight:  Celebrating Our Communities
Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.9,  3.W.6 

Vocabulary: cultural region, recreation, arts, anthem, oral history, folk tale, hero, symbol, landmark, harvest, diversity, ancestors, pow wows