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Spencer Trail
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Mrs. Anderson
Kindergarten - Spencer Trail

Please use this section as a reference for general procedures in Rm A-113.

How can I reach you???

An old fashioned note in the backpack in the morning is one great way... or e-mail.  My address is: nanderson@nlsd122.org If you need to pick up your child early and forgot a note, if it is before 11:30, you can e-mail me, otherwise, a call to the office (1-815-462-7988) would be best to ensure your child getting home the correct way.  The office staff will let me know.  It is necessary that I have a note from you if your child is going to have a different way home.  Your child telling me that he/she is a car rider is not sufficient enough.  I need a written note or e-mail from home.

How do you handle absences from school???

If your little one misses school for any reason, you need to call the school (1-815-462-7988).  You may e-mail me, if you'd like, but don't have to. If your child will be gone for just a day, no homework will be given.  If the absence is 2+ days, I can get homework to the office or to another child for you.  

How will my child be rewarded or disciplined???

Our classroom expectations are the same as the school expectations, which are:                       Respect the property and feelings of others.                                                                                       Raise your hand to gain permission to speak.                                                                                       Be a good listener.                                                                                                                                  Be prepared for class.                                                                                                                       Always do your best.

The children are aware of these expectations.  In the classroom, I have a rainbow that has a clothespin for each child.  Each day all the clothespins start on the green "Ready Freddy" section.  If a child does something extra special, he/she will be moved up to yellow, orange and then red.  If a child forgets to follow the expectations, I will verbally remind them, but if the expectation just can't be remembered, I may have to move the clothespin down to blue or purple.  I will notify you by e-mail or note if this should happen.

Will my child have homework???

YES!  A Storytown LA packet will come home the first day of the week.  It'll be due on the last day of the week.  That is the day we will have a spelling test.  A math work sheet will come home on most night's after we have worked on a skill in class.  It won't be a new skill that you will have to teach.  It will be one of reinforcement.

What are the letters at the top of a homework page???

Sometimes you will see a paper come home with DT circled at the top.  This means we Did the paper Together.  You might see GT circled at the top.  This means we Graded it Together.  If you see a H that is circled, that means it is Homework to be returned the following day.

How often will you use the washroom???

We will go as a class every morning and every afternoon around our special time, lunch, snack and recess time. If your child needs to go another time, of course I will let him/her go.  If I do see that your child is going more than usual, I will contact you to make sure everything is ok.   If you already know that your child might need extra breaks, please notify me of that.

When is lunch???

11:30-12:05 every day                                                                                                                       Lunch milk can be bought daily for 25 cents.

When is recess?

10:10-10:25 on SILVER DAYS and 10:30-10:55 on GREEN DAYS

What are GREEN and SILVER DAYS???

They are a way of keeping track and being fair for the amount of days we have PE/Music or Art

When will my child have PE, Music, Art, Library, Computer Lab???

PE will be on SILVER DAYS.  Music and Art will be on GREEN DAYS.  Right now we are having Music class and it will switch to Art in 6 weeks and rotate throughout the year.  The time will be 1:05-1:35.  We will go to Computer Lab every Wednesday from 9:20-10:20.  We will go to Library every Thursday from 12:30-1:00.

Can my child bring a snack???

Yes!  It will be after our special each day at 1:35.  It can be something "extra" that you pack or a part of lunch that was left over.  Whatever way you prepare it, will be just fine.  This is when the class will have the snack milk that some of you may have bought for $52.50.  

Will you celebrate birthdays in class?

Yes, we will... but without treats, please.  I will make your child's birthday a special one for him/her at school.  If your little one has a summer birthday we can celebrate a half birthday OR at the end of the school year.  

Do you have Show and Share???

Yes, the first day of the school week EVERYONE can bring in something little to talk about... This is different from All About Me/STAR STUDENT.  Every child will be picked to be the STAR STUDENT for the week at some point during the year.  A special packet will be sent home the week before to be completed at home and brought back on the first day of your child's All About Me week.

Do you need help in the classroom!!!

YES!!! I LOVE parent/grandparent helpers!!!

Do you have room parties???

Yes, Halloween and Christmas

***Please do not hesitate to e-mail me with ANY questions about the above... or anything else.